learn krav maga self defense


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krav maga self defense

krav maga self defense

Krav Maga Self Defense

Krav maga self defense

When we talk about Krav maga self defense system, we mean a system that consists of many movments and principiles as in the other self defence systems, Krav maga self defense is a developed system of the aikido self defence system, judo self defence system, boxing self defence system and wrestling. The Israel defense army has developed Krav maga self defense to be the most powerful system they depend on. We are talking about a system that used by the army! So you need to be sure of its efficiency.

Krav maga self defense

Krav maga self defense

Krav maga self defense depends basically on avoiding confrontation, but what if some attacker enter into your own home and attack you or any member of your family? You need to learn some principles in order to protect yourself and the people you love. Many true stories has occurred and end tragedy because the victims did not know how to defend themselves.  Do not think that being nice and gentle will save you from evil people. They will give you no chance, and you need to teach them that your kindness is only for those who deserve it.

Krav maga self defense principles

As we mentioned, Krav maga self defense avoids confrontation as possible, if it is unavoidable, then it aimed to finish the fight as fast as possible by focusing the hits on the weak parts of the body. This does not mean that you cannot hurt your attacker badly with Krav maga self defense, you can even cause him death if needed.

During learning, students use protective equipment in order to avoid hurting each other’s badly. They also learn how to use their force lightly or severely when needed.

Krav maga self defense depends basically on fast Counterattacking, or preemptive attacking. This gives you more power to sudden your attacker and weaken him as fast as possible in order to finish the fight with minimum loses.

In Krav maga self defense you will focus your hit on the weak points of your attacker’s body, such as his eyes, his neck or throat, his face generally, his solar plexus, his groin, his ribs, his knee, his foot to make him fall down quick, his fingers in order to weaken his strikes, his liver, etc.

Your strikes need to be sharp, quick, and in the maximum efficient, in order to defeat your opponent as fast as possible. Your defense as well, has to be Simultaneous with your attack, in order to avoid falling down and give the opponent a chance to attack you again.

During the fight, you need to be completely aware about every thing around, there might be more attackers coming, or even some tools that you can use in your fight. Threat must not distract you from the around objects.

All these principles can give you a clear idea about Krav maga self defense system, and how you has to cover the study of the psychology of the confrontation that occurs in the street. Street fights are completely different from the fights you may get into through your life, it is sudden and violent, and need much more focusing.

You need to have powerful mental toughness in order to stay focus in the middle of the fight; this will help you even to protect any other people that can be around. Krav maga self defense is a complete system that can give you the power to attack and defend in the minimum level of damages.

Your fight will no longer be rushed or Scatter brained, you will be completely controlling your force and strikes. After you watch the video we referred to, you will know that being strong is not everything, you need to stay focus no matter what happens. This will play the major role in saving you and saving your family in real danger moments.

Krav maga self defense courses are usually five weeks, during them you will learn many skills besides physical muscle building. These skills will be very useful in your entire life not only for fighting; it will increase your mental toughness and your ability for mental fortitude in fight tough moments.

Now, you know exactly how to protect yourself from attackers, and how to protect your family from dangerous people. Krav maga self defense course is going to change your life, it will give you more confidence to face troubles and trouble makers. You are not going to be one of them, but you need to know how to face them and beat them down if you had to. Now you need to know that the world is not as you think, or is not as you wish, the world has people which are not just like you, they are simply looking for troubles eve if you are not! Do not give them the chance to hurt you or your family, do not make their way to you so easy, learn some self defense systems.
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