learn best martial art for self defense


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best martial art for self defense

best martial art for self defense

Best martial art for self defense

Finding the best martial art for self defense does not necessary means being violent, it can mean that you want to avoid violence by getting ready not to get hit! Some kind of violence just cannot be avoided, since we may meet bad people in life. There are many kinds of martial arts to practice for fitness and get nice bodies, but for real self defense, you really need to read this before you go to one of the training centers.

The best martial art for self defense

You can choose one martial art of many others, let us here tell you some really good self defense sports, while you can pick the best martial art for self defense that goes with you.

The Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)

Take a look at the video right here:
You will notice that violent is being practicing in different ways; it is not always by using guns! The Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) help you to defend your self by a stick and a knife. The trades who needed to go through Filipinos who had a very good skills in street fighting. You know! Getting through them forces you to be like them, so they needed to develop their skills as well.

If we were talking about street fighting, then we can say that this is the best martial art for self defense, or one of the best at least, because it only requires a knife and a stick or only one of them which can be with us anywhere, or we can just find a form of them anywhere.

best martial art for self defense

best martial art for self defense


The Russian martial arts

This kind of martial art is called compat sambo, which is a Russian military fighting that depends on grappling, compat sambo can be practiced in three ways:

The sport form of compat sambo: which is being practiced for fit and competition.

The self defense form of compat sambo: which can be our form, since it aims to harm the attacker in the minimum degrees of damage and defend ourselves.

The real compat sambo which is the military form of compat sambo that aims to make severe damage to the enemy.

best martial art for self defense

best martial art for self defense

The Indonesian martial arts

Which called Pencak Silat, and it has a very wide variety of forms, they all have the same simple principles of using knife and gun, and it helps you to defend yourself even if your attacker is carrying one of them.

All what we talked about are some teqnickes and moves you need to practice a lot in order to get ready for the real threaten moment in your life, you may think your life is peaceful because you are a harmless person, but thisi is not completely true, life has a lot of harmful people that will not only harm eachothers! They want to harm you and other harmless people.

best martial art for self defense

best martial art for self defense

What if you faced a sudden danger, what if one of your loved does! Your wife, your daughter, your son! Do not think that finding an armed thief at your home threatening your family is not a close option. This may happen with you while you have no idea who to defend your self or your family. Listen to the experts, there are always secrets can save you, secrets of movements can help you take the attacker down no matter how bigger he was than you are. If you are interested, then listen to this true story:

You come back to your home to find the door is wide opened, when you rush in side calling your wife with no response you hear a loud scream! While you get more panic you see the living room is completely crushed like if a big fight happened in it! Run to the bed room to see your wife tied to a chair with a gun to her head! In this situation you have only few seconds to do the right thing, and when we say the right thing we mean the thing that will not get yourself or your wife killed! Do not think this only occurs in movies, because this story is simply a burglary! An armed one.

In this story, our hero could beat the attacker down and it was a happy end, but it might not be the same end with anybody else! So you need some simple teqnickes to learn before you get into one of the self defense martial training centers. You need to practice some crucial movements to help you in situations like the previous one. As we said, try to have a good look at the video here, in which the hero of the same story tells you how to be able to defende your self against the attackers no matter how strong they were, or how weak you are! He will help you to learn his style of martial art in only small fight course that called 

do not be surprised when you hear a bout a 62 old man can beat a 38 old man in 10 seconds! Do not be surprised to know that you can teach those teqnickes to your wife, your daughter, or to any member of your family, you all will be able to defend your selevs with the best martial art for self defense ever, simple counted movements can help you save your life one day.





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