Self defence for women


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Self-defence for women

Self-defence is protecting an individual’s person or interests especially through physical force, which is allowed to a particular degree as an answer to a charge of violent crime. Self-defence for women is, therefore, a woman protecting oneself or interests. This can be either physical or emotional. Women are believed to be the most disadvantaged group of people in any society. This is a gender that is faced with a lot of challenges both in and outside the family set up. Their nature of being wick has made them to be prone to prejudice from their men counterparts. Because of these disadvantages, many women have lobbied and started centers to educate their colleagues on self-defense for women. These centers teach them that self-defense is not only good but a must know thing because, research shows that, all women are good candidates to becoming victims of misuse or violent crimes at any level of their lives. They are taught that, the only and first person they should trust is themselves.

    An individual is therefore trained to know and view men has their enemies. The second person they are told to trust is their immediate female counterparts, their friends and female relative. The third and last group of persons they get to learn from women empowerment centers are, their male relatives. With this, women grow up knowing that, the first source of protection is ‘I’, and this makes them to device as many methods as possible to defend ‘me’. The most common and worse crime to happen to women is rape. From their centers, they are taught that rape is not only about sex as a feeling, but dominance from an individual over the other. With all these in mind, a woman will live knowing that self-defense is more than just okay. The most ethical decision a woman can ever make when she is in danger is fighting back.
    There are so many reasons as to why women find or are perceived to be at risk. Some women might find themselves involved in a greater risk than others. These include serious assault or murder. In a nutshell, threats, domestic violence, stalking, carjacking, culture, and rape are most reasons as to why statistics claim women are at risk. Crimes against the girl child is also at rise as compared to the boy child. These crimes are does not cut across the entire world in general, they can be classified as per regions of the Earth. The leading region in women crime cases is Africa with Sub-Sahara Africa topping the list. This could be partly because of the poverty level in those regions and the level of education. The Middle East region is another area where women crimes are seen to be in place. Europe and America records the least cases of women crimes. May be stalking is a major case in these two regions. With all these, the simple conclusion that can be made here is that, women are at high risk as compared to their men counterparts. The big question remains to be, what is the way forward? Is it possible to absolutely eradicate these cases? If yes, how? These all answers lies upon the recognition of human value as a being and not on gender basis.
    All is not lost in this case, women should and must mechanize quick and safe ways to get them off the hook. Prevention should be a key factor, as it is said, prevention is better than cure. As we try as much as possible to work in line or favor of self-defence for women, the mantle is to be carried wholly by women. Women should capitalize on prevention by making sure they minimize the situations they find themselves in compromising situations that can lead to negatives things happening to them. These could include, being with large groups of people while moving, being in well-lit places at night, know who your friend is, especially of the opposite gender and avoiding any form of a behavior that will make them become easy targets or being in place that make them become prone such as being drunk alone at night or in weird places and or partying with strangers.
    As prevention remains to be the safest measure women should embrace, sometimes, things fall apart and worse comes to worse. In this case, self-defence for women is the best and final recourse. When it reaches that level, there should be techniques women need to learn so as to achieve their mission of self-defense. These techniques include emotional to physical. The first of all weapons women need to know and make proper use is their brain. This is the epicenter where immediate and reliable physical mechanisms are devised. The brain should be utilized well as it gives you first the spirit of believing in yourself and the attitude of fighting it out through the course, it basically determines, the outcome. To implement the physical actions, the brain remains the most and sure way out. Apart from the brain, there are other tools that women need to have in place in order to achieve the goal of self-defense. Some of these tools include, installing alarms in their apartments. These alarms will not only call upon the help of her neighbors but will scare the enemy and make him or her run away. Aerosol sprays are also other methods a woman can use. These sprays can momentarily make an assailant blind and or cough with a lot of choking. An example of such sprays include pepper spray. Other tools to use include dogs, martial arts, whistles, machete, knife and firearms such as guns.
    The main thing that women should always have at back of their mind is, confidence is key to effectively defend yourself. Most assailants take advantage of the fact that women easily give in to any sort of assault without defending themselves, and when you become firm and confident to pursue your self-defense course might get him or her as a surprise and might lose focus. On the same note, women should be smart enough in realizing the weakest point of an assailant and focus on weakening even further. Such weak points include, eyes, head, private parts-mostly for men and breasts for women assailants. These areas should be the key places a woman targets during the process of self-defense as it weakens the assailant and makes him or her less harmful. This will reduce the possibility of women damaging their hands or legs in the strike. The method chosen should be properly calculated as they are all not applicable at once, for example, knifing is to be used when the assailant is as close as possible to be able achieve a proper strike. This could be a risk method though, as it is even riskier to be close to the assailant. A gun could be used at a relatively close range that the assailant can be properly seen. This also requires training as not all people cannot just use a gun. With all these, a woman should be able to understand who she is in order to determine what works best for her.

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