the man with the golden brain


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the man with the golden brain

the man with the golden brain

The man with the golden brain

You may wonder what is the man with the golden brain? Although it is a name of a movie who tells the story of a man was born with a completely golden brain, had has some troubles to get use to his heavy head and falling around, still, you need to know that gold is not the priciest thing in life.

The man with the golden brain

The little boy was born with entirely golden brain, his parents prevent him from playing outside because they were always afraid that anybody may rob him to take his gold for himself. The man with the golden brain spent his childhood playing between the rooms inside his house with no one but his parents.

the man with the golden brain

the man with the golden brain

The little boy became eighteen years old, his parents told him to pay them back for raising him and feeding him, he did not hesitate! When they told him about his secret, he gave them some of his treasure with joy, but he could see how precious his brain is! So he left his parents’ home and went to the real world to use his treasure.

The man with the golden brain lived his life royally spending his gold all over until he recognized how bad he was getting a hole in his head. He decided to start thinking of himself and left the town to spent his life more wisely.

Unfortunately, one of his old friends followed him to where he moved, he wanted a piece of the gold for himself, so he wanted until the man with the golden brain felt asleep, and cut a big piece of his brain, and ran under the moonlight. The man with golden brain awake with excruciating pains suddenly, to notice his friend steeling a piece of his own gold.

The man with the golden brain even had a bad love story, when he felt in love with a blonde woman, he was afraid of telling her the truth behind his fortune, he was afraid of asking him something really expensive. He would never say no to his only love. He will keep buying her expensive things. That was the only choice.

the man with the golden brain

the man with the golden brain

Thus, he was so happy with his dear wife, until she one day died with no clear reason. The man with the golden brain was so sad, and spent his golden head on the church and the flower sellers to arrange her a worthy funeral.

At the end, he noticed only some of the gold at the surface of his head. That was all what left for him after all what he spent! But he did not care, because everything ended for him when his love died.

Among all this sadness, the man with the golden brain started to walk in the streets alone, like a lost drunk man he was walking among the lights of the shops, staring at the sad faces, until he saw something that he deeply wanted in some of the shops! He wanted it a lot, so he took of the last pieces of his brain with his nails, he was screaming because of pain, his nails was bloody with golden scratches on the end of them, he was dying, he only wanted everything in life! Finally, the man with the golden brain died just like anybody else, and may be with more sadness.

This is the story of everybody in this world, we always use our golden brains to kill ourselves, to run after everything that our bodies want, without giving some care to our souls that may be thirsty to some attention. Yes, it is the story of us in this busy world struggling for our desires only.


Our parents will try to protect us, but even them, they have their own desires of this world too! We are some of their desires, to be respected in the society, to make a good fortune, to live the life with its most luxury and opulence.

This may be a legend! Untrue story! But it still a true story of every one of us! We need to know ourselves more, to know why we are here, to know why we are the ones who had brains! How should we use them? It is the man’s secret that he needs to know in order to spend his life usefully.

What is the point of having a brain? It controls every movement of ours; we need it in literally everything from breathing, moving, talking, eating and even feeling and loving!

We may think that even animals have brains that would do the same functions for their bodies, so what is the special about our brains? The answer is thinking and will!

The man with the golden brain is better than the animals because of his golden brain! The brain that allows him to determine what is best for him and what is the best for his kind! What is the best for the planet! If the man lived only for his wishes and desires then he will be spending his golden brain just like the man with the golden brain in our story!

You may do not have a literally golden brain, but trust us! Your brain is more precious than gold. Our brains is the only tool with which we are on the top of the food chain. If we want to keep it that way, we need to stop spending our gold like the man with the golden brain did in the story.


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